Pull Up Your Pants

Halloween Special, 2006...

Pull Up Your Pants
by Bob Pulliam

Much can be learned from a short stop at the store. I remember when the hip-hugger fad really caught on, I was in line at the register and saw that a young "lady" (and I do use that term loosely) up ahead of me was about to lose her pants. No, I was mistaken. It was another case of hip-hugger pants. Even if her pants had the decency to cover her navel, her "shirt" wouldn't have reached the top of her pants. I pondered the reason for such dangerous fashion (after all, those pants could fall at any moment, surely they're held up by invisible suspenders). Perhaps she didn't think she was attractive. So, perhaps she is very insecure about "fitting in" (pardon the pun). Perhaps she has to go along with the fashion trends because she doesn't think much of herself. Maybe she doesn't think the guys will look at her if she doesn't let them see that she doesn't have lint in her belly button. Of course, if these guys are the type that only look to see revealed body parts, they will only want to see more, and they aren't choosy about who they look at. If they marry, they'll keep looking at all the other women. Surely she doesn't want a husband like that!

I finally figured it out. You see, she also was wearing a cat tail and had cat ears on her head. She's an animal. Everyone knows that animals don't care whether or not they're dressed. They're just brute beasts that follow the herd wear-ever (sorry) the fad may lead.

In the beginning when man and woman came to know good and evil, it was necessary that they cover themselves due to an acquired modesty that God would now expect of them (Gen 3:10 & 21). Attire that provokes lascivious thoughts is of the world. Does your clothing align you with the world, or are you seeking to please God?