Queer Eye

It Is Queer, Isn't It?
by Bob Pulliam

Why can't I call them what they call themselves?  I don't care whether they are joking or serious, they call themselves queer.  Now why can't I call them queer? There is a disgusting show called "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy".  Five queers set out to show normal men how to dress fashionably.  Did I say "normal"?...  Yes I did.  After all, look up the definition of the word "queer".  Normal is the alternative.

Now I'm not trying to be ugly here. But the homosexual community is waging war, and we had better be awake. They would be highly offended by what I've written so far (but I had better not be offended by the implications of their "Queer Eye" innuendo). But the Bible tells me what to believe on this matter. Theirs is a sin of sexual perversion, and is very clearly condemned in scripture. Yes, they have ways of "defending" their sin, and seemingly making it alright with God. These defenses are transparent shams, and we need to address them from time to time, and especially make this error clear to our young.

Defense #1:

The Bible does condemn homosexual relations in passages like Leviticus 20:13, but these cannot be taken seriously, because it also tells us we cannot wear garments with linen mixed with wool (19:19), and we have to refrain from cutting our hair in certain ways (Lev 19:27).

These laws were given to the Israelites, and do not apply to us today. God had good reason to command as He did; but we are not under that law (Gal 3:24f). We are under the law of Jesus Christ, the New Testament. In the New Testament, homosexuality is condemned in no uncertain terms, as we shall see shortly.

Defense #2:

The Bible does not condemn homosexuality. It only condemns homosexuals as they force their desires on others. The situation in Sodom bears this out.

This is a case of selective study. They cite cases of homosexual rape and claim that rape is the true sin. They have erred in their desire to justify error. We might first remind the reader that Lot placed his daughters forward to be ravished (Gen 19:8) by the men of Sodom (rather than allow them to sodomize his male guests). Raping the girls would have also been a sin, so why would it be preferable for his daughters to be raped rather than these men. The answer does not lie solely in oriental hospitality. It lies primarily in the repugnant and perverted nature of homosexuality.

However, in making this claim, they have ignored clear statements of scripture. Paul said this sin was one that would keep people from inheriting the kingdom of God (I Cor 6:9ff). He also grouped it together with murder (Rom 1:27-32), after speaking of them "committing what is shameful" (v27).

Defense #3:

Homosexuals are born that way. It is a natural inclination, just like that of male desiring female, and female desiring male.

Several studies have been conducted in an effort to vindicate homosexuality. None have done so without having to go to extreme lengths to do so. In other words, they have created abnormal (i.e. perverted) circumstances to attain their goal. The truth is, no study has ever proven homosexuality to be normal. For the Bible believer, the question is answered when God condemns it. After all, God does not condemn the normal!

Related to this is the argument that babies are sometimes born without limbs. They cannot help it, and the homosexual is in the same predicament. First, they have not proven that the homosexual is in the same predicament. Second, being born without a limb is still not a "normal" situation. As the child grows up, it would love to have that limb it was never given. And third, being born without a limb is not condemned by God. Homosexuality is!


Don't be afraid to take a stand for the truth on this issue. There are plenty of people around you who are groping in the dark for truth. It may become an occasion for teaching them about Jesus and His kingdom. It may lead to their salvation, and the salvation of their family. Let us not be silent when so many in error are speaking up! They are even speaking up in your children's schools! May God give us the courage to oppose them at every turn.