Note to Muslim Visitors

A Note to Muslim Visitors

The material on Islam found at this site is written by one who does not believe Muhammad to be a prophet of God.  I realize many Muslims are insulted to hear that; but then you would tell me that Jesus Christ did not die for the sins of the world.  I don't believe you intend to insult me with your conviction.  And I hope you realize that I am not trying to insult you.

As I deal with Muslims I have found them to be quick in their criticism of the Bible.  I have no problem with that, if the same courtesy is afforded to me in making my observations about the Quran.  I love truth, and am willing to hear valid criticisms offered out of a sincere concern for my well-being.  But I also offer such to others because of my sincere concern for their well-being.

I hope that you will receive this material in the spirit that it has been given. My longing is for your eternal well being.

Thank you for visiting our site... 

May truth be the cornerstone of your life,
and righteousness the keystone of devotion.