Islamic Terminology

Terminology Used in Islam
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(by  Bob Pulliam)

Allah - the name of the god of Islam.

Hadith - the sacred traditions of Islam. An extensive body of information by those claimed to have been closest to the origins of Islam.

Hajj - The fifth pillar of Islam. This is the pilgrimage to Mecca which each Muslim is to attempt at least once during his lifetime.

Hijrah (or hegira) - the emigration of Muhammad to Medina in 622. Marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

Kabah - literally means cube. Esteemed as the house of Allah, and is located in Mecca.

Koran - see Quran.

Muhammad - the founder of Islam. Professed as a prophet inspired by Allah to reveal his will.

Muslim - term used for an adherent to Islam.

Pillars - the "Five Pillars" of Islam are: 1) Profession of faith - "There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the prophet of Allah." 2) Five daily prayers. 3) The Zakat (tax of purification). Not collected consistently since the breakup of power and unity in Muslim states. The Zakat now is honored by charitable giving. 4) Fasting in the month of Ramadan. Fasting begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. 5) The Hajj - see above.

Quran - the holy book of Islam, containing the revelations of Allah to Muhammad.

Sura - rather than a division of books, chapters and verses like the Bible, the Quran is divided into Suras and verses.