Will We Live Again?

If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?
(by  Bob Pulliam)

The question of our title was asked by Job in Job 14:14. He obviously thought the answer to be yes, for his statements following this question indicate such. Many in the world today ask this question in a different way than Job asked. They ask it with a laugh, or with ridicule; obviously not believing that man will live again. Truly, they think themselves clever, and above foolishness and vanity. But I have a question for them (with a laugh of my own): If a man will not live again, what is his reason for living? Think about it! I can amass riches; but someone else will squander it when I'm gone. I can become famous; but then what's that worth to Caesar, Shakespeare or Herodotus now? I can help others; but call all suffering be relieved?

You can laugh at me, but I have hope and purpose in my life that no agnostic or atheist will ever have!