Where’s the Proof?

Where’s the Proof?

(by  Bob Pulliam)

We expect a "scientific" subject to have some proof to hold it up. So, when it comes to evolution, where’s the proof? It is taught as a fact in our school system. But when it is examined, it has nothing but faulty logic, incomplete research, and silly theories holding it up! This is somewhat of a review on the articles above it. What have we found up till this point?

There are no missing links (Geologic Column, Science Goofs and Horse Chart).  Darwin couldn’t find any, but was certain they would turn up eventually. Science has desperately scrambled to find a missing link to hold up it’s floundering doctrine. They have proposed many, and some of these still have some serious adherents. But they have no links to place before the public to silence the opposition of religion.

Rather than evidence of chaos, we find design and intelligence in the universe. "Argument of Design" points out the orderly arrangement of creation. The world and universe about us was no accident!

The dates thrown around have been proposed as if incontrovertible. Millions and billions of years are tossed about as if no reasonable scholars doubts it. Such is not the case, however, as we have seen in "Why an Old Earth?".  Some very respectable scholars find reason to believe the Earth is relatively young.

You would expect a "scientific" subject to be bound by the laws of science. But as we found in the "Laws of Science", the theory of evolution violates clear, universally accepted laws of science.


If the theory of evolution were true, we would expect some evidence to that end. There is none. It is shameful for any society to follow such a bankrupt doctrine. It is upheld by humanism, which is the state sanctioned religion in our nation. We and our children are being indoctrinated. Don’t ignore what your children are being taught at school. You have a right not to have the truth challenged by your children’s school teachers.