Science Goofs

Science Goofs
(by  Bob Pulliam)

You may have heard of them, but you did not hear of them from a High School biology text. They are some of evolutionary thinking's most embarrassing moments. The media won't tell you about them. They're on the same side. But here are a good many of the laughables from the last 100 years.

Do they tell us anything? Perhaps they tell us that you can't trust a scientist any further than you can throw him. Perhaps they tell us that evolution has always been desperate for evidence. Whatever they say, they say it with an exclamation point!...

Newspapers reported, "Perfect Skull of Prehistoric Man, Missing Link Found". Textbooks hailed the discovery of "Java Man" as proof for the theory of evolution. For 32 years "Java Man" was the great evidence of "science". Then Dr. Ales Hrdlicka revealed that the "Perfect Skull" was nothing more than the knee-bone of an extinct elephant!

"Nebraska Man" was a significant find. "Experts" constructed an entire race of men from it, and said that it was at least a million years old. It turned out to be a pig's tooth. Imagine that! We believe God created woman from Adam's rib; but "scientists" got an entire race out of a pig's tooth!

A quote to remember:

"A great legend has grown up to plague both paleontologists and anthropologists. It is that one of these wondrous men can take a tooth or a small and broken piece of bone, gaze at it, and pass his hand over his forehead once or twice, and then take a sheet of paper and draw a picture of what the whole animal looked like as it tramped the Tertiary terrain. If this were quite true, the anthropologists would make the F.B.I. look like a troop of Boy Scouts." (Howells, W., Mankind so Far, p138)

In 1959 Dr. Leakey discovered "Zinjanthropus". It was a "remarkably well preserved skull", which he thought was 1 million, 750 thousand years old. This "well preserved skull" was in over 400 pieces, with no way to determine whether all belonged to the same skull. Later, Dr. Leakey admitted that he was wrong. "Zinjanthropus" was actually a "non-human vegetarian".

A quote to remember:

"Dr. Leakey bases his repudiation of Darwin on the results of his long search in East Africa for the remains of the original man. The generally accepted post-Darwin view is that man developed from the baboon 3 to 5 millions years ago. But Leakey has found no evidence of a spurt in development at that time." (Chicago American, 1/25, 1967)

For 41 years, "Piltdown Man" was claimed to be "one of a primitive race of humans". Then the man responsible for finding "Piltdown Man" admitted that it was a deliberate fake. When you already believe something, as the evolutionists do, but have no evidence; you'll jump at anything! And when you already believe something to be exclusive truth, as the evolutionists do, you will not look at any evidence that raises serious questions.

"Neanderthal Man" has been in the text books for some time now, even though good evidence has shown that he was just as human as modern man. The "Neanderthals" were actually humans who suffered with severe arthritis and rickets. (cf. Scientific American, (241(6):118 (1979), and Nature, 227:577 (1970)).

In 1961 Ramapithecus was proclaimed the first human. By 1982 he was nothing but an extinct relative of the orangutan.

Australopithecus was another "first human". He also turned out to be nothing but an ape.

A quote to remember:

"The australopithecine skull is in fact so overwhelmingly simian as opposed to human (figure 5) that the contrary proposition could be equated to an assertion that black is white." (Zuckerman, Lord Solly, Beyond the Ivory Tower, p78)

Then there were the human bones discovered in California and claimed to be 75,000 years old. Soon after a declaration of age they found a US Army button at the same location. How embarrassing!

You probably didn't read about the studies of professor Mitsuo Kawaga of Beppu University in Japan. It was too embarrassing for the media to print. They had found cave drawings and claimed they had to be 10 to 13 thousand years old. It wasn't long before a resident came forward and claimed credit for the drawings when he was a boy.


Keep digging, boys! We can't wait to see what you have to say next!