Laws of Science

 Laws of Science
(by  Bob Pulliam)

We are constantly told that science proves the theory of evolution to be the truth. We are also told that faith in a creative force is a blind faith. Such arrogance is common among many in the scientific community. There are scientists who have concluded that the earth was created; but by and far, the scientitic community as a whole is controlled by the humanists (i.e. atheists).

For the purpose of this study it is important to understand that "science" means knowledge. Science is that branch of learning that depends solely on experimentation, observation and fact. If it is not observable, then it is not science. Many scientists would tell us that creationism cannot be scientific since it cannot be observed. I wonder which of them is billions of years old, and has observed their theory of evolution. So let us take a look at what might be observed in this matter of science.

Laws of Science...

There are a few things about this world that have been observed over time. These have been immortalized as "laws of science". If life came about through the process of evolution, we would expect these laws to hold true within that theory. If life was created by supernatural force (i.e. God), then we would expect creation's tenets to follow these laws. Judge for yourself:

Law # 1 - Law of Cause and Effect: This law states that every effect has a cause, and the cause must be adequate to produce the effect. A car will not roll up a six percent grade from a standing stop. Something must act upon the car, and it will have to be a significant cause. If we believe science on this matter, the earth and life upon it must have had a cause. You can say little green men brought life to earth; but what caused the little green men and the life they brought? You can say it was all caused by the "big bang"; but what caused the big bang (which violates the third and fourth laws below). Creation offers a cause adequate to bring about all that we see and know. That cause is God. He is beyond our sphere of investigation, and is Himself uncaused (eternal).

Law #2 - Mendel's Law: This law states that liv- ing organisms only beget after their kind. Horses bear horses; cows bear cows; and elephants bear elephants. There is no exception. Science has not found a single case of one kind of animal evolving into another kind of animal (or insect, or plant, etc...). Other than a bird and a horse chart, both of which are terribly fraudulent; science has been unable to budge Mendel's law. The reason they want to find an exception is that evolution depends upon it. If one kind of animal cannot bring about another kind of animal over time; then their theory is destroyed! Creation, on the other hand, fully conforms to Mendel's law. God created the various kinds (of plants, animals, etc...) in the beginning, and commanded that they bear after their kind. But who are you going to believe?... A law of science, or an evolutionary scientist?

Law #3 - Law of Biogenesis: This law states that life begets life. Living matter cannot spring from non-living matter. A puddle of ooze will not produce living organisms; no matter how much electric current runs through it. Life demands something that non-life cannot offer - the genetic information that makes it what it is. You can put energy into non-living matter until your batteries run dry; but without the information it will not live. Evolutionists have been trying this experiment for years; however, they cannot seem to get Life out of their soup. Creation, on the other hand, tells us that life came about by the only One who holds the germ of life: God. He created life in the beginning, and set all things in motion for procreation in nature.

Law #4 - Second Law of Thermodynamics: This law specifies that the universe tends toward winding down, and becoming disordered. Batteries lose their charge; cars run out of gas; watch springs unwind; gardens fill with weeds; people age and die. The second law of thermodynamics is seen all around us. We hear it's application when the scientists talk about the Sun running down and dying, and when they warn of the exhaustion of fossil fuels. At the same time, evolutionists tells us that matter has existed eternally in the past. This is their way of explaining where things came from. But if the processes of thermodynamics are at work, we know that to be an impossibility. If matter (and it's incumbent energy) is eternal; then it would have exhausted itself an eternity ago. The evolutionist wants us to believe that the universe is a car that never runs out of gas. However, what we do believe is in line with the laws of thermodynamics. That this universe, and it's laws, were created by a God who is not bound by His creation. He is eternal, and created us for His glory.

So which model is in line with the laws of science?... Evolution or Creation?... These laws clearly reveal a model that is much more reasonable for faith: God created!