In the Cross-Fire
We're Caught in the Cross-Fire
(by  Bob Pulliam)

Perhaps you haven't noticed, but some scientists aren't the only ones trying to cram evolution down our throats. The television and movie industry are doing just about as much to further it along.
A good example of this could be seen a few years ago when the asteroid craze hit (excuse the pun).  The headlines in newspapers across the country (e.g.  Conroe Courier, Monday, February 17, 1997, Evidence Found That Asteroid Killed Dinosaurs) jumped on the bandwagon, and away we went.

Here's the evidence. A drilling expedition found the "unmistakable signature of a (sic) asteroid impact". "The drill cores include a thin brownish section that the scientists called the `fire- ball layer' because it is thought to contain bits of the asteroid itself." Did you catch that? It is thought to contain bits. Why in the world do they release information before they test? The announcement came just hours before NBC aired it's big movie about an asteroid hitting Dallas, Texas. The real reason is much more ominous than that suggested in this coincidence. The real reason?.. There won't be a story after they have tested the core samples! No, they won't come back and correct These statements. That's not news the "public wants to hear"! They will test the samples; find that what they thought, wasn't true; and go back out to play in the water at other's expense (and they call preachers leaches).

"Why did they do this?", you ask. They've shot up another flare for the unscientific theory of evolution, which desperately needs a rescue from the clutches of truth. Nothing really tests out to offer evidence for their theory, so they've learned to release their thoughts before the testing is complete! If this were done by creationists, it would be the "blindest of faith". When it is done by the evolutionist, it is just good PR.

I am so glad that a day is coming in which all of the truth will come to light. Aren't you?