(by  Bob Pulliam)

The term "intellectualism" holds a particular meaning here that I wish to make clear. I use this term differently than you will probably find it defined in your dictionary. I do not demean, or minimize the importance of education by it. Instead, I put education in it’s place. There is no question that a good education is beneficial and sometimes important. But "intellectualism" goes beyond that. Intellectualism says that unless you have ‘letters’ (a degree or two) after your name, you cannot think straight, or at least in the area you disagree with an "intellectual". If a noted PhD makes an argument full of faulty reasoning, I’m not supposed to be able to discern his errors correctly if I also do not have a PhD.

This is not a problem confined to the creation-evolution debate. You can find it in many areas of life. It is very common to religion. Only there the letters are D.D. (doctorate of divinity). It is assumed that no one can understand religious matters unless they have gone to a seminary and studied for years. I deny that such is true! God did not reveal His word to theologians, and logical thinking is not a capability necessarily given by education. I’ve known some PhD types who couldn’t write a paragraph without butchering the English language. I’ve also known some that could not reason themselves out of a brown paper bag. Sure, they had knowledge; but they didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do with it! On the other hand, I’ve known farmers who had a great capacity for associating ideas and seeing errors in logic. Do I need a PhD to know that evolution is a theory bankrupt of evidence? No, I do not! And you don’t either!

For all of the fancy arguments and terms, some of the greatest flaws in evolutionary theory are found in simple reasoning. Take, for example, the radioactive dating techniques used to date things at millions of years old. You cannot guarantee that the assumptions made to get the result have remained constant for the life of the specimen. Do you know that this specimen wasn’t in a situation 2,000 years ago far different than what it is in today? You can’t know that! So You’re guessing, and I’m supposed to believe your result because you have a PhD. I don’t buy that. And neither should you!

As you read these articles on evolution, creation, and evidences concerning the Bible, keep in mind that you can think as well as anyone else. The subject of evidences challenges you to examine the evidence presented and draw a conclusion. We hope you find these articles helpful, and if you have a specific question, feel free to contact us.