Children See It
Children See What Adults Deny
(by  Bob Pulliam)

How many times have you heard a child ask the question, "Where did ________ come from?" The blank may be filled with "grass", "trees", or even "babies"; but all in all, the question admits something. Nothing comes from nothing. Every something must have an origin. Everyone of us knew that at one time or another in our lives. But something (not nothing) happened.

The same child that asks this question will grow up and be trained to deny what was so obvious. In many cases before college, the youth will be programmed to believe that something really can come from nothing! By the end of college they may thoroughly believe that all of the information indwelling the human gene came from nowhere.

Some might think that this makes creationism childish; but then it was neither children nor the Bible that taught the world to be flat! It was "intelligent", "thinking" scholars. And who was it that proposed the earth to be the center of the universe?... Not the Bible!... And now we come to a philosophy (yes, "philosophy") which uses some of the most irrational arguments to hold it up. No intelligence behind the intelligent world around us? Does this mean that the intelligent scholars who promote the philosophy of "no intelligent beginning" are actually ignorant because intelligence does not exist? (how could it exist now if it never, at any time in the past, existed?)   Some learned men poke fun at the idea of there being a God. They tell us it is blind faith to believe that a god made a woman from a rib. I have a better one: Given nothing but the variable of time, any frog can become a prince. You see, I have a God; but they have a god too. His name is "time".

Diplomas and credentials are no substitute for the truth.