Accident (poem)

 They Say It Was An Accident
by Bob Pulliam

Once upon a time at school, teachers taught that from a pool,
        Blue-green algae power unleashed, till evolved into a fish.
They said it was an accident.

One lone fish while swimming found, two or four legs small and round.
        He climbed upon the clean white sand, and looked for food upon the land.
Luck for him was running great for other creatures shared his fate.
        So all these creatures fed in circles, till one became a snapping turtle.
They said it was an accident.

Turtles slowly move around, but soon some changes they had found.
        Legs got longer, thicker, faster, and great speeds they now could master.
Some climbed right up into trees, others got back into seas.
        "Dog eat dog" is all it was, and that is evolution's cause.
They said it was an accident.

Tigers like to eat their prey, and bears like eating thick deer steaks.
        Soon this thing was out of hand, for monkeys bore the first human.
Civilization seemed so grand, humans filling up the land.
        Then along came Adolf Hitler, doing things so very bitter.
He had learned at Darwin's feet, that he was just a dumb brute beast.
        And so today if he were asked, why he did such things in the past:
"It was just an accident."

Cities kept on springing up, the world becoming quite corrupt.
        And in their schools they learned these "facts," which caused the children to react.
Acting like animals deep in the jungle, they throw off a God who requires they be humble.
        And as they are caged for their terrible crimes, a faint murmur comes from the hallways of time:
"It was all just an accident."