The Work of the Church

Today, it seems like religion is more and more about “big business”. Although we are fairly large in number, we do nothing out of a desire to pump up the attendance figures. You won’t find gimmicks here. There are no theatrics, nor do we put our visitors on the spot (like some who make their visitors stand and give their names). You will not be embarrassed, and we won’t do anything that will frighten you (no screaming or carrying on). For more on what to expect at our services; <click here>.

The church at Fry Road has the aim of doing only that for which God has given her authority. Many churches become political action movements; child care facilities; or social gratification organizations. Whatever happened to the Lord’s design for the church? The church at Fry Road simply wants to be what the Lord made her to be. The work of the church here is simply threefold: Evangelism, Edification, and Benevolence.


We not only preach the gospel in our own community, but also support other men as they proclaim the word. Whether here in the US, or in countries abroad, we have a desire to see that life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ go forth into all the world (Matthew 28:19).


Edification is the spiritual building up of the body. This is accomplished through a study and teaching of God’s word. Unfortunately, many churches today have drawn the conclusion that cake and coffee are an adequate means of edification. In the New Testament church, edification was accomplished by speaking (I Corinthians 14:3-5; Ephesians 4:29), and inspired writings now comprising our New Testament (II Corinthians 13:10).


The New Testament church engaged in benevolence. Needy saints were often found in the hard times created by social exclusion, political unrest and natural disasters. Time and time again, the church came to the aid of saints who were lacking (e.g. Acts 11:27-30; Romans 15:25-27; II Corinthians 8:1-4).

If you want to be involved in a work that wants nothing more than to do it God’s way, then examine us a little more closely. Sit down with our evangelist and find out more about what we believe and teach. See if you aren’t given book, chapter and verse for all we do.